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Old cameras and meters and such

Before I embarked on the 52 cameras project I used the Nikon F from my dad. The kit includes a Weston Master IV Model 745 meter but alas, the selenium cell is dead.

A lot of older cameras have built-in meters that have dead cells, aren’t accurate any more, or take obsolete mercury batteries. For some you can substitute zinc-air hearing aid batteries or use some other kludge but even with power the meter may or may not be accurate.

Thankfully, I found this amazing exposure aid, the Exposure-Mat by Dave Harris. You make it out of card stock, it’s available in two sizes, and it’s free for personal use. Click on the graphic to open the site in another window.



There is a more in-depth look at this and some other exposure calculators at Figital Revolution.

Another FR page puts it together with a framing card, human rangefinder, and other tools. A very cool, totally manual, addition to any camera kit.

One of these days, I’ll take the plunge and get a good modern meter. Until then, I use an exposure calculator and/or something else I usually have with me any way, my phone. The best metering app I’ve seen so far is Pocket Light Meter. It’s free with ads or 99 cents to turn them off. Seriously though, use the in-app purchase and buy the guy a pint. It’s a really good meter.

Since Pocket Light Meter is able to use both cameras, you can turn your phone into an incident light meter using a piece of typing paper. ** 19 October 2016 ** Sadly, this link is dead.

You can also take it to the next level and get a Luxi, a nice looking diffusion dome for the iPhone and Pocket Light Meter.

I don’t have any financial stake in plugging any of these products or sites, these are just some tools I’ve found to be really useful.

52 Cameras: Week 3 part 2 – Sony DSC-F707

It hasn’t been a week but it’s a borrowed camera.  It’s been fun and I shot with it quite a bit over the last couple of days.  Sony is one of those companies that goes its own way.  Sometimes they nail it and the industry follows.  Sometimes it’s just weird for a while before an idea dies.  This camera is a bit of both.

Images are resized and the Nightshot® photo is cropped but they are not otherwise altered.

Camel Rock

Camel Rock

Sunflower along NM 285 - nice macro

Sunflower along NM 285 – nice macro

Abandoned curio shop on NM 285

Abandoned curio shop on NM 285

Infrared Zoe

Infrared Zoe

52 Cameras: Week 2 part 2 – Nikon F

Nikkor-S 50mm/1.4. Fujicolor Superia 400 (expired). I lost the first four shots but that’s the risk shooting old film. Film processing and scanning by The Camera Shop Of Santa Fe. No post-processing except resizing.

I was looking for a stray cat near my local supermercado and saw these flowers.

Flowers - f 5.6 @ 1/60

Flowers – f 5.6 @ 1/60

The “Belle of the Southwest” in Las Vegas, NM.

Plaza Hotel - f 8 @ 1/250

Plaza Hotel – f 8 @ 1/250

Corgis rule!

Chloe - f 1.4 @ 1/60

Chloe – f 1.4 @ 1/60

Just some weird stuff

This was in my Inbox when I got back from vacation.

What a difference a day makes

What a difference a day makes

I found an online manual for a camera and this is from the page explaining the split-image focusing.  He’s a little scary when he’s in focus.  That out of focus picture looks like he should be hanging from a tree on Isla De Las Muñecas.  Dig those early 70s glasses on mom.

Kill it with fire!

Kill it with fire!