52 Cameras: Week 47 part 1 — Lomo Fisheye

Google being Google. Evil. While Youtube chewed on the video, I opened another tab to check mail. Gmail made me authenticate again on the same account. I read some email and logged out. The Youtube page gave me a dialog that I had logged out in another window but it kept uploading. I opened a new tab, logged in again and the video showed processing, then it finished processing and let me publish. I could link to the video, watch the video, and the page said it’s on the 52 Cameras channel, but the video manager showed it as still processing, it didn’t show up in the chronological list of videos on my channel, and the view count wouldn’t increment. WTF? I ended up deleting it and re-uploading.

A little consistency would be nice. If it’s one session, don’t make me authenticate twice. If it’s two sessions, don’t mess up my Youtube connection because I logged out of Gmail.