MIT OCW Documentary Photography Class — Photography Assignment 1

Space Ship
“This photo project was originally conceived by Charles Harbutt for use in his workshops. I have made some modifications in it.

This assignment is intended to test your imagination, and your ability to capture your ideas as images.

Assume for a moment that you are going to be leaving earth on a spaceship, never to return. There will not be any form of entertainment or decoration on the ship. You will not have any mirrors, films, works of art, etc. You will be eating processed food and drinking filtered urine. You may, however, bring 10 photographs with you.

In a 24 hours period, without consulting any of your classmates, make 10 photographic images that will sustain you on your voyage. We are not looking for great art; we are looking for personally meaningful images. Do you want pictures of your dog? Your mother? Or the manhole cover outside your apartment? It’s up to you.”

I couldn't resist...

I couldn’t resist…

Seriously though, I started this today, 22 November 2014 at noon. It’s tough because there are a lot of things I’d like to photograph but I only have 24 hours. I suppose if I was really making a one way trip into space, I’d have sold everything and could afford to charter a jet. I can’t, so things I see in the next 20-odd hours will have to do. My family is all over the country but I think a selfie holding pictures of them is not in the spirit of the assignment. Tomorrow at noon, I’ll stop taking and start editing and post shortly after.

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