52 Cameras: #4 – Canon AE-1

Part of the original project. No results photographs in the video.

Kind of disappointing results. I used Kodak Max 800 film because I wanted to use a 400mm lens I got with the camera to photograph the moon. It’s a Prospec 400/5.6. I haven’t found too much information on it — it seems to be a JC Penny rebranded Tokina lens. I’ll try it again, either after I fix this Canon or on another FD mount body.

The shots after the moon was fully up are junk but this one through the trees is at least interesting.

Full moon through the trees - 400mm/f5.6 @ 1sec on Kodak Max 800

Full moon through the trees – 400mm/f5.6 @ 1sec

This is better. I used the Canon 50mm/1.4. Crazy grain from the film but I can see that I’ll want to shoot more with this camera/lens combo after I fix the switch on the AE-1.

Zoe - 50mm/f1.4 @ 1/30

Zoe – 50mm/f1.4 @ 1/30