52 Cameras Project

While researching cameras, I came across a cool project called 52 rolls. One roll of film for 52 weeks. I like the idea so I stole it and gave it a twist.

I already had several cameras, family members gave me cameras (Thanks dad! Thanks Larry!), and I went on a bit of a bender buying cameras. The twist is, I’m going to shoot with 52 different cameras for a year. Some are digital. Most are film. Vintage, original quality, and current functionality are all over the map.

The project starts tomorrow, September 1, 2013. It worked out nicely since it’s a Sunday and the first of the month.

I’ll introduce the camera of the week, work with it, and post the results. Depending on how things go, results may not fall exactly on week boundaries. Life intrudes, processing can be delayed, and old cameras don’t always cooperate.

See you tomorrow.