Phound Photos Volume 3

I spotted some Minolta 16 film in a “lot” auction online. To get it I had to buy a Polaroid 268 flash, some bulbs that don’t fit it, Flashcubes, and a Polaroid Automatic Land Camera 230. A lot of shipping to get some tiny film cartridges but you do what you gotta do.

The 230 turned out to be pretty nice. The film in it was dried out but it has a manual and a cold clip. With a 3 X AAA kludge to give it 4.5 volts, I verified the shutter works too.

Tucked in the front of the case with the manual was this photo. The 230 doesn’t use 80 series film so I think “Midge” (no idea why that’s what I named her) is a souvenir for the photographer.

Polaroid 80 series pack film.

Polaroid 80 series pack film.

No idea who or where. All I know is she’s married, probably right-handed, drinks Maxwell House coffee, and wears really cool glasses.