52 Cameras: Week 9 part 1.5 – Voigtlander Brillant (Brilliant)

I finally scanned the negatives from the first test with the Brilliant. That was before it was camera of the week, hence the 1.5.

I bought some cheap film from Four Corner Store. It’s Shanghai GP3 ISO 100 Pan. I don’t develop at home yet so including processing, it ended up being more expensive than grabbing a roll of something that uses a more common developer.

Hydrant with veil - f7.7 @ 1/25

Hydrant with veil – f7.7 @ 1/25

Hydrant with veil, double exposure – f7.7 @ 1/25

Hydrant with veil, double exposure – f7.7 @ 1/25

I ball-parked the time using the ‘B’ (bulb) setting.

Zoe - f7.7 @ ~ 1 sec.

Zoe – f7.7 @ ~ 1 sec.

What looks like grain is mostly the texture of the paper.

Sitting pretty - f7.7 @ ~ 1 sec

Sitting pretty – f7.7 @ ~ 1 sec

I think I have one roll of the Shanghai left and I probably won’t get any more. The numbers from the backing paper show up on longer exposures. If it was light through the film counter window, there would only be one number per frame. The only thing I can think of is that the light through the lens is reflecting off of the paper and coming back through the film, exposing the numbers. The acetate is really thin and the backing is a single layer of cheap black paper with gray numbers. Adding insult to injury, the gray numbers don’t have enough contrast against the black paper to be read through a red window. The Brilliant has a film counter but we wasted a roll trying to use it in my girlfriend’s JEM JR.