52 Cameras: New Taiwan Pantium DL1000

Trashcam: “any camera whose value at least doubles when loaded with film.”
From http://camera-wiki.org/wiki/Trashcam

It has a taking lens, a viewfinder lens, a waist-level lens, and a mirror. Pseudo TLR? TLR? ThreeLR?

PDF manual on the Manuals & Ephemera page.

From Beware the Pantium, my Son at I still ♥ film: “And my favourite part – a lens cap which says ‘camera’ on it. Given the amount of times I’ve tried to put my lens caps back on the kettle, this is super handy.”

My take is this: With all the effort put into fake bits to make it look, fooling no one, like a real camera, they could have built a real camera.

There may be some images here at some point. In spite of this being a valueless piece of carp when it works, I’m going to try to fix it. After the 1st tear-down, I had to go back in because I had a wire across the frame counter dial and the waist level viewfinder mirror came off. It has two plastic posts with the ends melted to hold the mirror. The spring that resets the counter when the back is opened broke and then my repair broke. I think I’ll replace it with a rubber band. It will make sense when I post tear-down & (hopefully) repair entries. I do love a pointless challenge.