52 Cameras: Fujifilm Instax 210

No more images for now. I only had 7 in the pack and 4 are in the video.

I did cover the exposure sensor and not the flash sensor when I tested the flash. In the video I put my finger over the wrong one. The exposure sensor tells it whether to fire (and what f-stop/shutter combination to use) and the flash sensor tells it when to stop the flash if it fired.

Something I forgot in the video: The guide number (GN) of the flash isn’t given but the manual does give a range, 0.9-3m (~3-10 feet).

The light calculator: https://toolstud.io/photo/light.php

About Light Value (LV) vs. Exposure Value (EV): As I understand it (and I’m mostly self-taught so chime in on the YouTube comments if I’m way off), at ISO 100 LV and EV are the same. Light value is how much light is present in the scene. Exposure value is how much light you’re letting into the camera. At ISO 100, it doesn’t matter which you use because that’s how the units are set up. ISO 800 film is 3 stops (100 to 200 is 1, 200 to 400 is another 1, and 400 to 800 makes 3) faster than 100 so the EV is 3 stops lower than the LV – it takes 3 stops less light to give the same exposure to ISO 800 than it does for ISO 100.