52 Cameras: Week 25 part 1 — Kodak Advantix T550

There was a 40 exposure roll in the camera with 36 unexposed. I got photos from it, and some strange ones from the previous owner, but they’re not great. So far, four cameras purchased for the project have had pictures, 2 film and 2 digital. Two more had film with nothing on them and another one is pending processing. I’m torn about doing a post of found pictures — they’re interesting mysteries but it seems a little, I’m not even sure of the right word… Intrusive? Presumptuous?

There are some nice APS cameras — Nikon Pronea, Minolta Vectis, and Canon’s IX and IXUS (Elph). Leica even made an APS camera, the C11. Kodak’s Advantix are a mixed bag but some are fine shooters. Grab some film from Film Photography Project *, or anywhere you can, and use them before the film is completely extinct.

* I have no financial interest in FPP. It’s a cool site and podcast and it’s where I got APS film and some Lomography 110.