Why Exit 272? I’m not telling. The awesomely drawn header graphic is a clue. I’ll drop hints from time to time and think of something cool to give to the first person to guess correctly.

Hint for 3 September 2013: What is that strange plant in the header? Where might it grow?

Update 8 August 2014: Apologies to anyone who knew the answer but couldn’t contact me because of comments being turned off. I got a correct answer on 6 August 2014. It is the exit from the Mojave Freeway (Interstate 15) at Cima, California. I love the Mojave Desert but the main reason is, it’s the exit you take to get to the site of the (former) Mojave Phone Booth.

While making sure I had links and spelling right, I discovered that the old phone booth number is back in service!

About me:

I’m a geek by trade, working for the Evil Empire at one of our national laboratories.

My dad made his living as a photographer for a while and my mom constantly had an Instamatic going for birthdays, roads trips, and such. I always had a camera with me but in the past it was to record a time and place without much regard for the photograph itself.

I finally went back and finished my degree in 2009 (RIP, College of Santa Fe). As a treat to myself, I climbed Kilimanjaro and went on a photo safari in Tanzania with a couple of friends. I bought a decent bridge camera for the trip, a Nikon L100, and I got some great shots — it’s impossible not to when you see a lion chase a leopard up an acacia tree and steal the gazelle it was eating. I wanted more — I wanted my photographs to look the way I want them to look.

I took an online course through Santa Fe Community College (SFCC) then my girlfriend bought me Fundamentals of Photography from “The Great Courses” (they really are great). After a live photography course at SFCC, I wanted to keep my momentum and started the 52 Cameras Project. Monkeying with 50-year-old film and even older cameras has definitely made me a better photographer.

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