Manuals & Ephemera

I’ve had a lot of help figuring out how to use some pretty obscure camera equipment. I figure I should give something back. I’m still trying to find a balance between readable manuals (quality of what I have to scan aside) and giant files. Links marked “External” go to content on another site. All links open in another window or tab.

I make no claim to the intellectual content of the manuals. The copies are for reference and historical purposes only. The specific files and scanned images contained in the files, my work, may be freely used in any non-commercial manner. You may not sell them. By linking to any file on this site or clicking any link on this page not marked External, you are agreeing to these terms.


  • You sell someone a camera and want to include a manual for free. Yes, you may do that.
  • You steal my work and charge for people to download it. No, you may not do that.

I’ve decided password protected files are a pain. The manuals will have a watermark.


  • Halina Speedy 33 — See Sears FF35 Motor Drive except Halina has 100/200/400 film speeds