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52 Cameras: # 130 — Bell & Howell 414PD 8mm Movie Camera

The film in the video was shot last year. We went back to the Salton Sea again this year and I shot with a couple of still cameras I’ll review shortly.

The film page at Spectra Film & Video shows what they currently have. I got two rolls of the Agfachrome 200D with processing before it sold out and it worked well and the processing was really well done.

Spectra’s telecine can seem pricey but after working on two 8mm projectors and an editor just to be able to look at the film, it’s feeling cheaper and cheaper: Shooting video of the projection looks awful. Neither scanner is suited to a reel of film of any size. Kludging a slide duplicator is a possibility but that’s going to take forever to shoot frame by frame.

I have 3 or 4 other cameras, a mix of 8mm and Super-8, plus a bunch of found 16mm reels, so I have to decide whether to: A) farm it out, B) buy something, or C) make something.

A has the advantages that I don’t have even more clutter, I don’t put in a bunch of time, it’s done by professionals, and I only spend the money when I have something. But, it’s expensive.

B is a one-time investment, but it’s time consuming, good telecine gear is also expensive & I don’t want to do conversions for others for it to pay for itself. And more stuff to store.

C is cheaper in money but time consuming to design and make it. A good design could be set it and forget it once it’s built. I love a challenging project but I have several in line ahead of it.

Probably A or C or a mix of A and C. I’ll let you know.