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52 Cameras: # 179 — Time Magazine Promotional Camera

I wanted to shoot with this camera before I start modifying it and maybe destroy it completely. Plus, I got an unused roll of film in a camera bag that came with a camera. – some Kodak HD 400. No idea of its age or how it was stored so it’s ideal for a low-expectations camera.

Links mentioned in the video:
1984 Time Magazine camera promo commercial

Most of the Time cameras have the fake motor drive bump out – mine doesn’t. This guy has the exact same camera, right down to the SN on the lens.

Some color tweaks and haze removal but that’s more the film than the camera.

Rug drying in Santa Fe

Rug drying in Santa Fe

Jem - a cat with a purpose

Jem – a cat with a purpose

Trinity's just trying to stay cool

Trinity’s just trying to stay cool